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Tips For Your Newborn Session:

  • If you have not fully checked out newborn pricing, please do so by clicking the link below. We always give people the option to break up the over-all cost. If you are choosing to do so, please just inform us so we can send the proper amount on the invoice!
  • It is sooo important to photograph the baby within in the first two weeks of birth. The baby will cooperate better and won't be as fussy as they are on the 3-4 week mark. So please plan ahead and keep in mind that we will need a day within those first two weeks to dedicate to pictures! (Let dad know as well so that he can plan around work if he is not taking a leave!)
  • Try and keep your newborn awake the morning of your session - this will help them sleep better during our scheduled time. :)
  • Babies work on THEIR schedule. Sometimes the sessions will get lucky and only take an hour.. sometimes it might take up to three. I always recommend at least blocking off 3 hours of your day for the "just in case!"
  • Sometimes it takes extra snuggles, feedings, and rockings before your baby will get fully relaxed and sleep for their session - and that is OKAY!  Please don't stress about it and think that you are taking up our time.. we are so used this and we are perfectly patient with the whole process. :)
  • It's gonna be toasty! Newborns are used to being in their mothers womb, which is a very warm and comfortable place. I keep the studio very warm to keep them relaxed and sleepy.(so just a heads up!)
  • If you are bringing little ones, bring something to keep them entertained. I do have an iPad they can watch youtube or netflix on, but obviously you know your little one best. I always photograph the full-family/kids photos first in the session. That way your other children are not getting ancy and bored.
  • You can find the address on our contact page and your TBD date will be on your invoice. (obviously babies come at their own time.. so just keep us posted for when you finally give birth and of course, contact us earlier than later so we can reserve a day for you!!)