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Lake County Photography Services & Rates

*any locations outside of Lake County have an additional $15-$30 charge for travel.*

Outdoor only - $75

Outdoor & Indoor - $125

Outdoor, Indoor, & Aerial photos - $165

Ariel only - $65


Photos will be given within 1-2 days, unless requested otherwise.

Images will be given with your own personal link where you can download the
high-resolution files and decide which are fitting for you.


Photographer will select the best 1-2 photographs of each room/scene.

Photographer will photograph the main rooms, variety of angles of the outside of home, the back & front yard,
and the bathrooms. Any additional rooms/views are an additional charge of $15/picture.
(For example: photographing the small details of the home, the closets, the entry ways, etc.)


To remain most organized and to make sure I meet all your needs I ask that, upon scheduling,
I am provided with a list of all the rooms & details needing photographs.



Things to keep in mind:

  • Homes should be be picture ready upon photographer arrival.
  • Less is more; Cluttering a room can make it to appear smaller and will give your client the wrong idea.
  • Make sure rooms are clean including the windows, door knobs, appliances, etc.
  • Small touches of flowers, bowls of fruit, “accent pieces” make for a nice to way to brighten up your room without crowding it.
  • Set your dining room tables to make it appear more homey. (think how your client would think.. They want this space to be warm and inviting to them)
  • Clean up cords & wires & replace any dead plants or flowers.