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11x14 canvas - $25/person
16x20 canvas - $35/person

Host a paint and wine night for your business 
or have a fun night in with all your favorite people; (children included!!!)
its about embracing your inner artsy side!

Paint Parties are made to fit EVERYONE'S skill and ability level. 
I will guide you step-by-step and give helpful
pointers on how to achieve your beautiful painting! 
You can personalize your paint party with a specific
painting idea (where I will custom make it) 
or let me do the picking for you!

In Business Paint Parties are required to have a minimum of 8 people.
I provide all the materials and the teaching; you provide the refreshments and place to paint! :)

At Home Paint Parties are required to have a minimum of 6 people.
Same policy applies - I provide the materials and teaching; you provide the refreshments!

Contact me today for additional information and to book your paint party! | 440-530-0814

Lets get our artsy sides rolling! :)



Meet your artist:

My name is Arastasia Rolain. I'm sure, as you can tell, from the website that I own a photography business here in Mentor, Ohio.. Art is my biggest passion and the root of my well being. Since I can remember I have always loved both photography and art, more specifically, painting. I was always that kid that got in trouble in school because my homework was covered with drawings or I was caught doodling in class. (oopsie) As I grew older I learned to embrace that and turn it into my career! Painting is something I can completely get lost in; its truly like therapy to me. I decided to start this Paint Party business after MANY MANY times of forcing and inviting my friends & boyfriend over to paint with me. Every one of them would give me the excuse "Nooo.. I can't do this, I'm not an artist. I dont know how to like you do." But I believed otherwise; I would show them how to combine colors, how to use the different brushes, and guide them through the process. Once their masterpieces were finished they couldn't believe that THEY accomplished them! I enjoyed doing this so much I decided I had to offer this to others besides my close loved ones! I hope we can book a Paint Party together and you can learn to embrace your inner artist. :)



To view some of my art please click here :)