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Mermaid Couture Photoshoots in Hilton Head



I am giving you the opportunity to have the most glamorous day of your life & finally have your chance at being a beautiful mermaid. The Mermaid Couture shoots will include hair and make up styling, a beautiful mermaid bra and fin, and an experience you'll never forget. The Couture shoots will be held at Hilton Head Island Beach, either at sunrise or sunset for best lighting. They will of course take place near your natural mermaid environment, the ocean; using waves, rocks, and sand  as our perfect and most natural canvas.

*NOTE* I offer kids sessions as well. I have tails that can fit ages 2-10 depending on children's size. *

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Why should you invest in a high fashion mermaid shoot?

Not only will the pictures you receive be something valuable and special, but your experience as a mermaid will be unforgettable. 

The pictures you receive will last a life time and can be something both you and family members cherish.

Besides... who wouldn't want to be a mermaid for a day and have documentation of it?

Sessions are $175 and require a $100 deposit to reserve your date. 



What's included?

A professional make up artist will style just as if you were about to have a big shoot on Americas Next Top Model.

I will document your whole process of the day - the behind the scenes and of course the actual modeling.

I will guide you with posing to assure your best angles, looks, and beauty! We will complete a variety of looks and poses until I am positive our work is done!

The outfits are provided with your session; beautiful hand crafted mermaid bras as well

as a mermaid fin. All you have to worry about is showing up and being ready for a glamorous day!

After your session, we will schedule a special reveal where you can see your images

and then decide what products will suit you best for purchase.


Products offered are:


Split your overall product cost into monthly payments at no extra charge. 

Print boxes and mermaid albums will come with low resolution files of the images you chose.

Mermaid albums - 20 images - $525


Mermaid  Boxes

Mermaid Boxes are a beautiful way to preserve your images as well as display them on a special shelf or area in your home.

Boxes are offered in sizes 8x10 (for 5x7 images) and in 11x14 (for 8x10 images) (11x14 boxes are an additional $10/image)

Any print ordered WILL indeed come with that same image in digital format (of that same size) and will also be matted.

5 prints box: $225

10 prints box: $350

15 prints box: $525

20 prints box: $750

Mermaid Album

20 image album


A La Carte Prints

5x7: $55

8x10: $55

11x14: $120

16x20: $175

16x24: $185

20x30: $275


*Order any print as a canvas to turn your photograph into a beautiful piece of art for your home.*