Arastasia Photography - Cleveland Ohio Professional Photographer | Caring Mermaids

This year, Arastasia Photography will have a float in the Mentor City Fest parade, and in doing-so we are raising awareness for an incredible organization - CaringBags. CaringBags is a local organization that collects used purses filled with everyday necessities and disperses them to the homeless women of Cleveland and other local areas. Everyone has old purses lying around their homes; put them to use and help someone in need! To learn more about this organization please click here. The City Fest parade will be held on August 27th, but we will be accepting donations all of the month of August and up until September 14th. 
The CaringBag drop off location will be at Lisa G's Shear Perfection.
Tuesday - Thursday, 7-5pm. Friday - Saturday, 9-2pm. 
6156 Meadowbrook Dr, Mentor, OH 44060

Any one who donates a CaringBag will automatically be entered in for a chance to win both a FREE Mermaid Couture Photoshoot and a 5 image Mermaid Box. Mermaid Photoshoots give women and young girls the chance to finally be a mermaid. Sessions include hair & make up styling as well as your complete outfit - a mermaid fin and mermaid bra; all you have to do is show up and be ready for a glamorous day!
(to learn more about these sessions please click here

To Donate a caring bag please view the suggested items below:

*Please note* Do not donate designer purses; they are a safety issue for the women.

Hygiene Items
Kleenex packs (the individual ones!)
Baby wipes (the travel packs) or wet wipes
Wash cloths
Soap (the bars, no liquid)
Travel Size shampoo
Brush and Comb
Nail Clippers
Female Sanitary items (in unopened package only)

Snack Items
Granola Bars
Individual packs of Cheezits, Teddy Grahams
Slim Jims (or like snack items)
Fruit Snacks
Hard Candy

Other Items
Socks (plain white crew cut)
Gallon Size Ziplock Bags (these will help keep the items inside the bags dry)


For any questions please contact Arastasia Rolain at or 440-530-0814
Thank you in advance for taking the time and kindess of your heart to help the local homeless women. 💕