Arastasia Photography - Cleveland Ohio Professional Photographer | BoudoirSession

Thank You for Booking Your Boudoir Session!

Arastasia Photography is so excited to be apart of this incredibly intimate & special moment of your life!!!

A few things to remember:

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We do have a lingerie rack but please bring your own as well!

Some Lingerie/Outift Tips:

Bring 2 outfits your comfortable in, 1 that makes you a wee bit nervous, and one that you would never wear due to confidence issues. (Just trust us on this one!)

  • Shoes make a huge impact! Bring a pair of heels if possible!
  • A special Tshirt.. work shirt.. or even Jersey are always a big win!
  • Bring 1 wear of thin black underwear to wear under out stock lingerie.
  • "Cheeky" underwear's almost ALWAYS compliment your better "assets" in the best way!!
  • Anything sparkly, silky, or shiny photographs amazing as well.



Come with a clean face if you are adding on Makeup styling.

And always always always keep in mind, You are BEAUTIFUL the way you are.
Do not beat your self up the whole week of your session. Just let it be and allow the professionals to handle it.
We promise you'll feel amazing afterwards! :)

Images are always kept confidential unless stated otherwise.




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Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions!

-Arastasia & Our Awesome Team!



37646 Green Drive.
Eastlake, Ohio
(It is a residential area! Look for the grey house on the corner)