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Arastasia Photography is located in Cleveland, Ohio & is just a few minutes from Ohio City. We provide professional photography services such as Family & Senior portraits, Newborn, Boudoir, Mermaid & Wedding photography to the surrounding Mentor & Cleveland areas.

Why should you invest in boudoir photography?

I can't deny that like any luxury purchase, a boudoir photography experience is a substantial investment. 
boudoir is something that will last forever and ALWAYS remain special to you and a loved one.
Sure, we all love to shop.. we love splurge a little on the latest fad, but boudoir photography is something that will
truly never fade or lose it's value.

It's a one time investment with a permanent impact.

Sessions are not only a Photography session;
They are a day of PAMPERING and Girly-fun galore.
You will have your hair and makeup done professionally.
You will have gorgeous pieces to try on that will make you feel beautiful and sensual
and you will have a photographer guiding you in all the right ways to give you the confidence you need.
ALL shapes and sizes are encouraged for Boudoir Photography; we will work with you and all your right
angles to make sure you look the most gorgeous and confident in your photos!



The Studio

Arastasia Photography is located in Eastlake, Ohio and provides photography
services to all Lake & Cuyhoga County areas; Mentor, Ohio. Willoughby, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Perry, Ohio. etc.
Our boudoir studio is located in Eastlake, Ohio; the day of your session you will come into studio and prepare for a glamorous day filled
with pampering! We ask that you bring your own undies and any specific bras, lingerie, or articles of clothing that you find fitting.
We will have a supply of other bras, lingerie, and assorted apparel to wear if you so choose so, but please, to be safe, bring your own supply as well!


Meet the Team


Ready to book?

Sessions are $125/ these include all your professional hair & make up styling! (not products or prints)
Just show up with 6-8 outfits and be ready to be GORGEOUS!
Please visit our contact page to book your session now:

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*Please note; sessions do not come with any prints or digital images*
Please visit our policies page for more information and policies:


"Arastasia, I just want to tell you,  thank you sooo much for everything! You are such a phenomenal person,
and you truly do amazing work. You have definitely found your calling! It's such a beautiful talent that you have to make people
feel good about themselves again, and I am very grateful. I look forward to working together in the future, i.e. engagement and
wedding, you are by far my first choice! Thank you again, and I will see you soon"
- Amber R.


I had a fantastic experience with my boudoir photo shoot with Arastasia Photography.
Not only was Arastasia very professional and friendly- she made me feel comfortable. She definitely went above and
beyond my expectations; I will be contacting her for my future photography needs!
-Kristin M.

Lord knows how much I appreciate Arastasia I did a shoot with her and she knew exactly what to do to
make me feel confident and sexy ! I recommend her for any type of photography. She is also the
sweetest ad very professional. Can't wait to continue to work with her.
-Melanie A.