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Zach and Alyssas One Year Anniversar

July 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ohhhhhh my gosh! I am so happy to share this session with you guys, and HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to this incredible couple! When I photograph my brides and grooms, I always hope to create a bond and friendship with them and I WANT to know how your life is even after the big day is done! Zach and Alyssa did a one year session on headlands beach to celebrate and they were kind enough to answer a few questions about their marriage and let us into their world. 💕 


1. What has changed in the last year since you've said "I Do"

A lot has changed!! We love each other more and know each other better. We bought our first house together and got a puppy. 


2. Do you guys do anything special to make sure you're still "dating" per-say

On our calendar, we have our monthly schedule and on the days we both have off we put a heart. That way we know and look forward to time together! 


3. What is one memory in the last year that really sticks out to you of pure happiness between the two of you.

When we first said I love you!!! Our first night married was pretty great and our honey moon was the best!! 


4. What do you do to make sure your relationship is still getting attention and you're putting each other first?

We communicate in creative ways, like leave notes around the house and in lunch boxes! We both appreciate quality time so we set aside certain days and times to make sure that happens. We have questions that we plan to ask each other each anniversary year to reflect and look ahead!

We put Jesus first in our relationship. His love teaches us what true selfless love looks like. We cling to his steadfast love and grace and are learning daily what it looks like to truly love.


5. How has Zach changed since being a boyfriend / fiance into a husband 

He’s still goofy and fun which I love!! He has taken on the role to lead and provide for our family. He puts my needs before his and I get to see first-hand the choices he makes to do just that. He admits his shortcomings and shows me grace. There are times I am very un-loveable and he chooses to love me still. 


6. What would you say is your favorite thing about your relationship together (quality wise)

We both appreciate how we balance each other out.  Zach loves to show people he cares by doing things for them (fixing, building, repairing). And I show people I care by communicating and talking. So together we care for people by actions and words. 

A quality we both share is “presence”, being present and interested in each other. We know each other well, but we have all our days to know and invest in each other more and more deeply. 


7. If you could go back in time to one moment in time, what would it be?

When we said “I do” was very memorable for us. Each day is a reflection of that day. We are reminded of the commitment and love we share for one another. The promise we made to each other. Our commitment points to the greater covenant of Christ and the Church, each day we are reminded and see the beauty of the gospel. 


8. what is HARD about being married?

You see how your words, actions and choices affect someone else greatly. Our natural tendency is to be selfish and self-focused. We are so thankful that our God is teaching us what it looks like to live a life of selflessness, grace and humility. 




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