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I Can't Do All The Things

June 29, 2018  •  1 Comment


Alright guys, so I've got a little bit of an announcement - one that will probably strike some surprise and backlash, BUT I hope you'll stick around for this entire blog article to learn WHY I have come to this big life and business change.

So -

after lots of thinking I have decided I will be solely specializing in Wedding  and Boudoir Photography ONLY. and I will no longer be offering Newborn, Maternity, Cake Smash, or Family Portraits.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I did it. I put it out there, I can't go back now. lol.

In the last few months I feel as though I've been really anxious, and overwhelmed, stressed... all of the above, and thats not really how I care to live my life; Life is waaaay too good for that. So, I did some self reflecting and I've come to the realization that I have been trying to be "THE PERSON" "THE photographer" the "Yes absolutely -human" to everyone.... and that is just down right exhausting. I can't make every person happy; and I can't say yes to every opportunity.

Yes. I love photographing newborns and all the rest of those life moments. But, I work every weekend of the spring, summer, and fall as a Wedding Photographer, and then go into the studio Monday morning.. trying to transition into a newborn/family photographer, and I feel as though it does not allow me to truly SPECIALIZE and put all my focus into being amazing at the two categories I am most passionate about. I'm spreading myself thin, and I would love to give my clients the FULL attention they deserve, and my full energy. I can't go to bed at night thinking I didn't live up to my full potential and my clients didn't get my full abilities. I have huge goals for my business and my life; but as long as i'm being a people-pleaser and a "yes-person" I'll never reach those goals. I just literally CAN'T DO ALL THE THINGS. lol.

I chose weddings as my specialty because I live for love and there's nothing like photographing two people on their happiest days. Its such a positive environment, and I spend my weekends smiling, and the weeks after smiling while going through my couples photos.

I chose Boudoir as my other specialty because I believe in empowering women to see themselves in a more positive light; Boudoir sounds like its just a "scandalous" gift to give someone. But It is so much more than that; I've had clients cry real tears after seeing their photos because they've never felt beautiful or confident about their bodies; and THAT is something I can't go with out. I am SO passionate about helping us ladies be a little more gentle with that inner voice, we all need to strive to be a bit more kind to ourselves.

So, I want to say thank you to every one who refers me my newborn/maternity clients - you're amazing and I literally have THE most supportive group of people. You guys always look out for me, and that makes me so happy inside.

From here on out, I would love to give you guys some contacts of other newborn photographers that I trust and admire so much, lets be a supportive community and give them the business they deserve. :)

NOWWW *side note* Considering I have invested a terribly scary amount of money into all my newborn props, equipment, and outfits... I would like to say, that as of August, I will be offering time slots for other newborn photographers to rent the studio using all of my supplies/equipment; I will also be offering work shops to help with some training in lighting, posing, etc. If you know of a newborn photographer without a studio, or one that would love some hands-on training - please keep me in mind for that.


Thank you guys for taking the time to read this,

I hope you'll look at this as growth in my business, because that is exactly what I see it as and I feel soooo relieved just getting this off my chest.

leave me some love and encouragement below - because my studio and my lifeeee is a #NoNegativityZone. ;)





Lexi kling(non-registered)
As I read this I couldn't help but sing "everything to everyone" by Bahamas good for you lady! And those two go so perfect hand in hand! Keep following that pretty little heart
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