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Christie & Kyle Shoemakers Wedding Day - Cleveland Wedding Photography

May 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


"Two Peas, One Pod. Forever Shoemakers."

Christie and Kyle got married this past Saturday, May 26th, and ohhhhh my heart... what an EMOTIONAL day.  I arrived at Christies childhood home to find love notes, gifts, first looks, and so many tears that make up was touched up a few times. Christie didnt get any ordinary note from her groom.. she got one sealed in a police evidence envelope, because cop-wife life. lol.  And to tug on Christie's emotions even more.. she found a sweet love-note left for her on the bottom of her shoes. Which I really applaud Kyle for - that is smooooth. and adorable. and so thoughtful. Once we finished wiping our tears for that moment, we moved straight into the big guns - the love note for Christie's mom. (just take a look at the pics, and you'll see how that went! haha)

At the church Christie did a first look with her father, and her son, Logan. I think one of my favorite pictures of her family is the one of her mom hugging her dad right after the first look - both of them crying. It symbolizes so much more to me ... here they are on her daughters wedding day, yet they're still hugging and caring for each other all those years later of being married. For Christie, that is probably something she has always looked up to and looked for in her future.

From how emotional the morning of the big day was, you can probably guess how the ceremony and rest of the day went. Christie looked gorgeous walking down the aisle. Kyle looked exactly like the man Christie wants to marry... standing at the alter, holding her little boys hand, waiting proudly and anxiously for the favorite woman in both of their lives to walk a little closer. Their family was amazing... the most loving and kind people in the world. The weather was hot, sunny, and a perfect summer day - and thats allllll we wanted in the world considering the forecast called for rain. The reception was filled with SO. MANY. MARRIED. PEOPLE. Seriously, when they did the anniversary dance I think every table was empty. lol. and that is really something awesome and beautiful to see. They danced, the partied, the enjoyed themselves.

Relive the day below and show Kyle and Christie some love. <3




Church: St. Bernadettes - Wickliffe, Ohio

Reception: St. Pauls Hellenic Center - North Royalton, Ohio

Hair & Makeup - Christie's Cousins

Florist: Countryside Florist

Dress & Tux: The Winner (Pennsylvania), American Commodore

DJ: TKO Entertainment



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