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Scott and Katys Wedding Day at Pine Ridge in Willoughby, Ohio

March 29, 2018  •  4 Comments

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March 17th, 2018 

Yessss St. Patty's Day - Scott and Katy tied the knot at St. John Vianney's church and later celebrated their reception at Pine Ridge! We prayed and prayed for no rain, and the universe was on our side! Ohio blessed us with SO MUCH SUNSHINE and blue skies the day of. It was absolutely glorious and perfect. Now.. onto the couple.If I were to describe these two I'm not sure I could get out a full sentence without smiling like a cheeze-ball at my computer screen. (literally smiling now hah)The entire time I edited their photos I was just gushing at how much love and affection they share. The day after their wedding I shared a few words (or maybe a lot more than a few...) on all the things I loved about that entire day and the couple that gave me the honor of photographing it. I'd love to share those words here and maybe add in a few extra considering Instagram gave me a word limit on my

1 - I loved that all morning Katy was concerned with how Scott was feeling. She kept asking “does Scott sound nervous!?” And I think that’s so sweet that even tho her nerves were going crazy, she was still thinking of his feelings. .

2 - I loved their first look and it’s probably one of my favorite parts of the day. Scott looked at Katy like she was the most magical, Magnificent, gorgeous, PERFECT human on earth. I think she literally took his breath away. And that’s not something you can fake, he has SO much respect for her and it just showed all day long. 

3 - ANOTHER first look was on my list of top favorites. When Katy’s Dad saw her for the first time, he had a reaction similar to Scott’s - just absolute admiration. He gave us some wise words on how life flies by, and he remembers her being little. And to appreciate life, and all 3 of us stood there crying. 

4 - when Katy and Scott were sitting in front of everyone, during mass, they kept giggling, and sneaking looks at eachother, and rubbing each other’s hands. So even tho they were literally in front of at LEAST 60 people, they were still in their own little world and it was sooo adorable. .

5 - Scott and Katy wanted a photo in Millaurkeys - the irish bar- so bad and we almost lost hope. We tried to make it in, but with it being St. Patty's Day....there wasnt even room to move or get in the front door. We started to walk away when some Irish-bar-owning ANGEL came to our rescue. It just so happened the bar owners son was outside and over heard our struggle. He talked to the bouncer and snuck us in the back of the bar and WE SUCCESFULLY GOT OUR PICTURE. It was amazing. The entire bar cheered for Scott and Katy as they kissed and laughed and posed for pics. I stood on top of a chair and capture it all and I swear fate was on our side!!! What are the odds?

6 - Obviously I have to put the weather on my list of favorites. When you see all the sunshine in the photos below, you'll understand why I'm so obsessed with that incredible luck we had.

6 - Lastly, I love that all night, at the reception, Scott and Katy were inseparable. Every time i turned around they were dancing together, and singing the songs to eachother and it was really really sweet. I don’t see that often, mostly because there’s sooo much going on that bride and groom don’t get actually spend their reception TOGETHER. But you could tell that these two are truly just best friends and complete each other. I melttttt. I just melt. my heart is full.


Relive the day below by viewing all the pictures and gushing over them the way I am too!


Scott and Katy- THANK YOU for letting me be apart of your magical day. I feel so honored and so special that I got to meet you two and photograph all these special memories.



Makeup: Lindsay London 

Florist: Bleils Secret Garden

Church / Ceremony: St. John Vianney

Reception: Pine Ridge

DJ: Selective Sound

Dress: Galleria Gowns

Tuxes: American Commodore



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