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Follow My New Boudoir Instagram Account - Cleveland Boudoir Photographer

December 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi guys!
So I've been doing some reflecting and I was thinking of what kept me busy this last year, what I spent most my time on, and what shoots were most popular. I realized.. I of course photograph weddings and babies the most, however, I did not have as many boudoir shoots in 2017. I LOVE shooting boudoir... it is feminine, it is empowering, its literally a fun girls day with my clients ALWAYS - we seriously have a blast, and on top of that it is extremely special. I think the reason that I didn't book as many shoots is plain and simple; I didn't advertise for it or even make it known that this is a session type I really truly enjoy!

Now.. if you scroll through my IG feed you'll see lots of airy and soft tones, mostly filled with gorgeous newborns and weddings but you will RARELY see boudoir. I'm very anal about keeping my IG relative and matching, so Its not often I advertise my boudoir sessions; they'll contrast with my other images and it just won't flow well.

That's why I decided to make a separate account where I can share and post Boudoir work without it looking out of place next to a sleeping newborn (lolol) I encourage you guys to follow this page and spread the word. I would love to turn some focus onto Boudoir Photography for the new year, and I think this is exactly where I will start.

Please keep in mind.. I NEVER share clients private images with out consent - I always get approval. <3

IG Link:

One last note - I will be doing a model call very soon as a lot has chanced since my last one. If you would love to be apart of this, or know of someone that is please contact us today! ALL sizes, shapes, looks, and types of women are welcomed!! <3




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