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Tips for your newborn session

October 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I would share some tips that I always recommend for my clients to follow in order for us to have a smooth newborn session!

  1. The most important and biggest tip I can give is to ALWAYS try and have your session within the first 2 weeks of birth.
    • When the baby is freshly born, they cooperate best. Whereas if you wait too long, they are more alert, want fed more often, and want their mothers/fathers touch.
  2. Feed the baby either right before leaving for your session or even as soon as you arrive. 
    • Babies always sleep better with a full tummy! Try and schedule your session around feeding times and your little guy or gall will be snoozing!
  3. Try and keep the newborn awake for a few hours prior to your session. I understand newborns are routine individuals but just try your best so that we get the best snoozes at the session. :)
  4. Understand - its gonna be WARM.
    • I'll often get clients that say the studio is too hot.. or we don't need a space heater because they're used to being in a 60-70 degree home. Where that may be true, you must understand that babies are aware that that is THEIR home, they're used to it. They know that mommy is right there to hold them as soon as they need, and it's more comfortable for them. When coming to the studio, they are in an unfamiliar place, without mommy or daddy's arms holding, and TRUST ME when I say.. the space heater works miracles!
  5. If you're bringing other children, bring a distraction or another parent to help out.
    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE incorporating siblings or other family members, and I always get those photos done at the start of a session so that kids aren't waiting and get grumpy. However, they still do have to wait for the remainder of the session. I always suggest bringing a distraction of some sort to keep them entertained and quiet, or even another parent/helper - we have a park right down the road from the studio - sometimes I suggest taking the kiddos for a little walk to help with their energy! Hehe!
  6. Babies will be babies and kids will be kids!
    • There is no need to worry if your baby is fussy...or kids are acting ornery. Newborn and kids photos aren't new to me and you'll be surprised at all the "in between" moments I capture that you don't even  realize are possible! Don't stress at all and just remember, these are memories we are creating and capturing - your session will turn out beautiful!

Arastasia Photography is your go-to Cleveland and Mentor, OH professional newborn photographer. We provide all the props, outfits, and of course, skills & expertise to best photograph your sweet little ones!


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