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Art by Arastasia


A long with Photography, another passion of mine is Art; I could get lost in a painting. 


I create custom paintings often based off of my own photography I have shot. I encourage people to order a custom canvas from me by going through my photos and finding what would compliment your home most.


I offer Paint Parties; a fun and creative way for your to embrace your inner artist; please view more info here: ---->


In addition to Paint Parties and canvases I also do Belly Paintings; a quirky and super creative way to preserve such a special time in your life!


Please view some of my work below :)










Some of the artwork below was created out of passion and strictly for my personal love of art; while some of it was requested and purchased as a custom painting.





Paint Parties






Belly P​aintings


    Book a maternity session like no other! I will paint your "belly" to customize exactly what fits your nursery, your new born baby girl or boy, or something you just really love! I will then paint an 11x14 canvas to hang in the nursery next to the picture of your belly during pregnancy :)