Arastasia Renee Rolain

I love Mermaids and whales are my favorite animal.

I love waterfalls, trees, and
super gloomy days that allow me to be a hermit.

I love painting and expressing myself through art.

I love animals.
I love animals a little too much. I want to save them all.

I'll cry if I see you cry. 

I love business. I can talk business and
ideas with someone for hours.

I live off of vegetables and coffee.
Occasionally some pizza.. I really love pizza.

I love "weirdo" music as my friends would call it.

I love my boyfriend, border collie, and siamese cat.

I love to travel and visit new coffee shops.

Despite my travels and living in another state,I really truly love Ohio.






About Arastasia Photography

Hello Wonderfuls.  My name is Arastasia Rolain, and I am the owner of Arastasia Photography.

I am insanely passionate about my business and put heart into every moment I capture.

I spend my days and weekends photographing Weddings, maternity sessions, 

The newborns that soon follow after, and gorgeous women embracing their powerful bodies through boudoir.

I truly believe that photography is a way for us to stop time and have the opportunity to relive a moment over, and over, and over.

I like to get to know my clients, and form relationships with them. Please, share your at-home pictures of that newborn

baby I had the privelage of photographing. I want to see how they've grown, how they've turned into tiny humans, and 

how different they look compared to the first two weeks out of the womb. I want to laugh with your grandmother at your wedding

and talk to your parents about how beautiful and handsome you look. I want to hear about your personality, your passions, your pet peeves, and all

the in betweens. Lets become friends, not just clients. 

Please feel free to read a little about my back story and some of the other quirky characteristics I hold.

If you feel the need to chat, simply click the contact page and send me an email.




My Back Story

I grew up in Cleveland and later moved to the suburbs of Lake County where I graduated from Fairport Harding Highschool.

I have 1 older brother, 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister.

I've wanted to be a photographer since I can remember and If you look through my sixth grade journals you'll find "goals" pages filled with photography of my little siblings. 

The images are hilarious to look at but still special to me none-the-less.

My senior year of high school I got my first photography internship where I received the best advice of my life.

"If you want to pursue a career in photography, get a business degree."

At the time it sounded boring, but that's exactly what I did.

To prepare for my future, I created a series of paintings of which I submitted for an art scholarship and displayed at (HS) graduation.

I was granted a $1,000 scholarship. I used that check to purchase my first camera.

During the early years of adulthood I continued my education, got a full time job in Marketing, a part time job in photography, and started building my own portfolio and skill sets.

I actually surprised myself with how much I loved marketing and everything that goes into running a business.

Now that I'm older I sit back and chuckle because that really shouldn't have been surprising.. I actually remember a time where

I was creating "desk posters" and "goo balls" in 6th grade for my class mates and charging them .50cents each. (face palm) 

I had to quit that "side-job" once my teacher found out and prohibited me from using rubber cement for my "incredible goo balls." (lol)

3 years after working in my marketing-office job, I finally said my quits and went full time with photography.

I found the courage to do this by up and moving to South Carolina (a little drastic.. I know)

6 months after I moved, I opened my first storefront studio. 

I absolutely loved the South and I loved my studio, but the more long-term I thought, the more I knew it wouldn't last.

I am a family gal, and I love love love my siblings, I love my niece, I love my Mamaw that I used to spend every single Sunday with,

and I'm also so fortunate to love my boyfriends family that literally treats me like their own.

So now.. fast forward to present time and here I am. Following my dreams, embracing my little Entrepreneur self, and capturing special moments behind the lens of my camera.

I hope to meet you and to most importantly,  I hope photograph you.



My Little Family  & Adventures


Above you'll find Justin (my better, most amazing, extremely handsome, half) 

Euka my super hyper, derpy, and clumsy border collie. (he gets it from me)

and Layla my siamese kitten that was a Christmas gift to me in 2016. 
 I opened a gift bag from Justin to find this tiny little fluff ball that was sooo snuggly.
I cried tears. so. many. tears.

The kitten and the puppy are literally best friends and I catch them cuddling all the time.

If Justin takes Euka somewhere Layla will literally walk through the house meowing and crying because she can't find her brother. 

Justin and I love to adventure and we take the same photo in different locations of every state.

I have a United States Map that I place the photos in and one day the goal is to have it completely filled.

He's my best friend and every day I wake up grateful for him. 

Life wouldn't be half the adventure without this little family of mine. 



A belief I still have with me from my childhood is:


In another universe, where you weren't a photographer you would be:


What is your strength, but also your weakness?


Your spirit animal is & why:


Advice for a new photographer:


Your one guilty pleasure is:


Most Valuable Possession is: (can’t be camera)


A social cause you're super passionate about is:


Someday you want to:



Arastasia Rolain 
Cleveland Ohio Professional Photographer