Kostelnik Family Portraits in Mentor, Ohio

October 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Kostelnik family portraits were captured in Mentor, Ohio and turned out just adorable!  This photoshoot was filled with tons of fun, and not one, but three boys! As you will see throughout the photos they sure mean it when they say "Boys will be boys!" From playing in the grass, to running around, and finally climbing in the trees this was a session packed with energy!  In this situation, that energy is what made this family portrait session turn out so great! Their precious smiles and happy faces are what truly allowed the photos turn out the way they did! Thanks to this amazing family, and thank you boys for such a fun session! 

* Be sure to take a minute of your time to watch the video below to get the real feel of how much fun and energy these three little guys had during this family portrait session, it is sure to leave you laughing!*

All three of the handsome, smiling little men that were so much fun to photograph!


The beautiful family all together, in one place, priceless!


How could you not love those gorgeous eyes and that blonde hair!


After all of the climbing, running around, and acting like silly little monkeys in the tree, I was able to capture this great shot....I would give it a thumbs up, too! 



One of my favorite photos from the entire family portrait session, the picture perfect way to capture what family is.  Endless support, a hand to hold when you need one, and of course lots of love!



Here's a behind the scenes look of the Kostelnik's family portrait session captured in Mentor, Ohio! I wasn't kidding when I said they had an endless amount of energy, tons of smiles, and lots of laughter!




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